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Try these free tools to get you started! Device mockups take boring 2D screenshots and turn them into engaging visual graphics. Print mockups are great for displaying your print work either before printing, or after. The applications are endless, as print mockups ensure premium quality exports to display your work virtually anywhere on the web. From placing your print mockups in blog call-to-action buttons, to online ads or displaying on your website, these mockups are vital to have on-hand. Feeling adventurous? Learn how to build your own eBook mockup in a few easy steps.

A bit nervous but after reading other new bloggers helps build my confidence. Hopefully I get the nerves to publish by end of January. As you mentioned, I ended up using WordPress. Is there ways to change things like your blog name or domain name? I m considering starting a blog but I am not sure what I want to do it on just yet. You can change your blog any time you want. I have a question.. When signing up for a wordpress blog account, a user has the option to self-host.. Do I choose this or do I go to Hostgator to start up my domain and blog?

Great question! I suggest you to install WordPress via Hostgator because if you decide to go self-hosted directly from WordPress.

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I am very new to all of this and was wondering if you could explain to me how the money is earned? Thanks for the question. Here you go. Thank you for this information and responding to the comments.

This has been incredibly helpful! This is the most helpful and simple guide to blogging i have come across. Thanks a lot!

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I am very new to blogging and also very curious about how to earn money from blogging. I am looking forward to your post about this. In June my now ex wife became pregenant with our second child but the previous month she introduced me to Facebook. That was the beginning of the end.

How to Create Landing Pages to Build an Email List W/ Free Download Offer [MailChimp Tutorial]

To make a long story short my ex wife and a woman I met on Facebook both gave birth to my 2 daughters 51 days apart. The blog I want to start will hopefully help other men not be as self destructive as myself.

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This guide to making a blog has been really helpful and we will now be starting a blog for them. Yes, you can do that if you got a free WordPress. Useful info for me. My problem is how to promote my blog. Is it possible to link my blog to social media so all blog posts are automatically posted on my social media pages? Your write-up has been so helpful as a journalist just wading into blogging it is my Bible.

Thanks a million.

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Really great information, Jessica. Just one question: Can you sell ad space on a self-hosted WordPress blog? If not, which route would you suggest to go for someone who would be interested in selling ad space on their blog? You can definitely sell ad space on your self-hosted WordPress blog — many people are doing it.

You can try buysellads. Great list.. I have to agree with ThemeForest.. I am a real newbie, 72 years old, I though your info was great,and will take all your teaching in, are you allowed to copy and paste stuff you see on the subject you interested in? No, copy pasting will help you in no way. Avoid copy pasting at all costs because it seems like it is your content when all you do is copy paste, and if you want to refer to some other blog post, copy paste the content and give them proper credit by adding their blog post link in the end.

It was interesting to see the diagram wheel picture in tip one with all the different domains that are used. Self-hosted WordPress seems to be the most popular. Do you think it has to do with how you can customize it the way you want the most compared to the other domains? I sincerely appreciate all of these additional ideas to get my blog started! When I try to install WordPress, I am told that my files will be overwritten.

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What exactly does this mean? Will WordPress code simply be inserted into my code html , leaving the code otherwise intact so that my pages will be displayed as before but now with blogging capability? Or is there more to it? So basically, you just need to overwrite it. Thank you for your informative post.

Thank you again. You can use your own domain name on a platform such as Tumblr for free but as you are on their platform you will be restricted to the types of content you can produce, the types of advertisements you can host and it is difficult to move to a self hosted WordPress environment later down the line.


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Very Informative! Thank you for the information it was very helpful but I have a question on how do you earn money from it? Can you please elaborate on that. Thank you!! Hi you may want to read my article on monetizing a blog. Thanks for the good tips. There are settings to make your posts password protected in WordPress.

Alternatively you can block search engines from finding your blog in WordPress too,. This article was super helpful and on point, thank you so much. I was going to give up on trying to set up a blog but now I am inspired and full of hope that I can do it!! Can I just say, thank-you for posting this.

The information you have provided is so important, not to mention interesting. You ROCK! Finally able to set up my blog! Bless you! Hello Jessica, besides paying for the domain and hosting servic, am i going to pay for the WordPress blog? Hi, thanks for this very helpful post! Basically just ensuring that you get the domain name that you want if possible.

Really excellent article. I signed up for it, and all was fine until I installed a plugin which had a special requirement that needed to be set up by the webhost. Only on their individual hosting plans would that have been possible. This is a rare event, but worth keeping in mind. When you go for your own hosting you have more flexibility.

This sounds a bit similar to my experience, however with a better ending. I wanted the full cPanel version. I called them up and they very graciously switched me at no charge. And, I can still do WordPress on my account. WordPress is the best option for anyone thinking about starting a blog. You need a self hosted WordPress to start a good blog. It will give you a strong base to do anything with your blog. So anyone wanna start a new blog… forget about blogspot, tumblr etc just go with self hosted wordpress. It will cost you some money but not very much. I had no idea where to even begin and this had essentially laid out my first steps.

Much appreciated! Thank you for the helpful information! Hi Jessica, thanks for great post, its really simple way!

101 Web Freebies 101 Web Freebies
101 Web Freebies 101 Web Freebies
101 Web Freebies 101 Web Freebies
101 Web Freebies 101 Web Freebies
101 Web Freebies 101 Web Freebies
101 Web Freebies 101 Web Freebies

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