Crochet Saved My Life

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Thank you Kathryn for sharing your story. I learned to crochet in my pre-teens, but really picked it up again in my 20s. It was my escape from depression for many many years. If I was counting stitches I didn't have to deal with anything else. Thanks for sharing Melanie I always love hearing people's stories about how crochet has helped them!

Great interview. I have been wanting to read this book. I have had a somewhat similar experience since becoming more serious about crochet. Thanks to both of you for the interview. Thanks for letting me be one of your guest bloggers. Love what you do here and am so happy to be a part of it in this way!

New Book: Crochet Saved My Life – Knitting and Crochet techniques from the Berroco Design Team

A very thought provoking post Kathryn, thank you for sharing Barbara. I must get myself a copy of the book! It resonates with me x. H ey good-lookin', I'm glad you've come over to visit me on this Sunda y afternoon! I'm delighted to have Kathryn from Crochet Concupiscence as a guest today - if you know her blog and most of you do, I guess , you know that Kathryn's blog is different from most other crochet blogs out there.

Like all of us, she shares her own crochet adventures, but apart from that, she also tries to give her readers every pi ece of info about crochet she can find : history, fashion, artists, crochet quotes, crochet for charity , and more: If you can't find it on Crochet Concupisc ence, it probably doesn't exist :.

Furthermore, many of Kathryn's posts also focus on the ben efits of Crochet for your health and well-being. Her insight in this fascinating topic is so interesting , that I just had to a sk her to come over and t ell us some more:. Blogging about crochet has allowed me to connect with the most amazingly supportive craft community I ever could have imagined.

And every single day I learn more about how crochet can improve my total well-being. Let me tell you more about my story.

"Knitting Saved My Life"

My name is Kathryn Vercillo. I am a full-time professional writer and blogger who lives in San Francisco, a city that I absolutely love because it is a beautiful space where creative people are accepted just the way that they are. Crochet helped me get there. I kept grasping at activities that would take my mind off of itself and eventually remembered that I once knew how to crochet.

Crochet Therapy

I fell in love with the craft. I fell in love with life again. I learned to love myself. The rhythmic act of crocheting helped me to calm down, reduce my anxiety, and quell the constant crying that came with depression. The process of visualizing and completing a project helped me to see that I could achieve things again in my life, aiding in rebuilding my self-esteem.

Hey there, I'm Barbara!

The tactile sensations of working with soft, colorful yarn helped bring beauty back into my life. I hooked myself to healing. Once I started to climb back into a more emotionally stable place, I was ready to share my story. In January I launched Crochet Concupiscence , my blog about all things crochet. On this blog I share news, information, links and more about all aspects of crochet including art, fashion, design, history and health.

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Through this blog I began to connect with an amazing world of crochet designers, artists, makers and lovers. Furthermore, each chapter has crochet exercises.

They are designed to address grief, loss, relationships, inner demons and more. The exercises are in crochet. This is not a crochet pattern book. In contrast, this is a work-through-it kind of lesson book for crafting in a way that helps you. This book series helped with my own mental health over the years. Finally, in I released Mandalas for Marinke.

The book is named after a project that I started in response to the death by suicide of popular crochet designer Marinke Slump. Unfortunately, it came back and her life came to an end. I created the project both to honor her legacy and to help the crochet community cope with the news. More than people submitted crochet mandalas along with stories about depression, suicide, and crafting to heal. The book is a full-color curated collection of some of the mandalas and their stories.

You might wonder what gave me the ability and interest to write about crochet as therapy. I used crochet as therapy personally. I have interviewed hundreds of people about their experiences healing through crafting. In addition to my research, I have a Masters in Psychological Studies, an education through which I did further investigation into the topic.

Kathryn Vercillo is a professional writer who also has a Masters in Psychological Studies. Her expertise is writing at the intersection of crafts and mental health.

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Kathryn is the author of several books on this topic including Crochet Saved My Life. Or via RSS Feed. Find help or get online counseling now. About the Blog Archives. Crochet Saved My Life This is the first book in the series. Hook to Heal I followed up this book with Hook to Heal. The stories reveal some of the ways that people use crochet as therapy. Author of These Crochet as Therapy Books You might wonder what gave me the ability and interest to write about crochet as therapy.

Crochet Saved My Life Crochet Saved My Life
Crochet Saved My Life Crochet Saved My Life
Crochet Saved My Life Crochet Saved My Life
Crochet Saved My Life Crochet Saved My Life
Crochet Saved My Life Crochet Saved My Life
Crochet Saved My Life Crochet Saved My Life
Crochet Saved My Life Crochet Saved My Life

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