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So while synthetic fabrics are technically able to biodegrade, they take too long to do so and are imbued with many chemicals, causing them to emit greenhouse gases such as methane into the environment. This creates damage to our environment and is not therefore sustainable; years of methane emissions is definitely not desirable! Some fabrics, even though not made from synthetic fibres such as non-organic cotton, cannot simply biodegrade due to the large number of dyes or finishing chemicals applied.

The majority of fabrics and fibres will biodegrade, whether synthetic or not. However the time it takes along with the amount of damage dealt to our environment will vary, depending largely on what fibres a fabric is made from. Organic cotton is cotton that is produced without the use of chemicals, pesticides or synthetic substances inside of it. It can take as little as months to completely biodegrade, close to an apple core that takes 2 months. Silk is produced completely naturally from the fibres used by silk worms when they spin themselves cocoons to become moths.

Silk, even pure silk, has always been one of the most resilient natural fibres, getting tougher as time wears on.

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It starts to show signs of biodegradation after about 4 years. Science has proven that the use of acidic enzymes speeds up the biodegradation of silk, which makes sense when one considers that the original purpose of silk was to be eaten by the moth hatching from the cocoon. An incredibly versatile plant in terms of fibres, hemp is used in the production of garments, paper, biodegradable plastics, paint, insulation, biofuel, fabric and even a food source for essential omega oils. Mostly still produced using natural methods, hemp is cut and stripped manually of fibres that are spun into threads.

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The reason hemp is so tough as an all-natural fibre is the fact that the fibre is made up of a large portion of silica sand , withstanding the test of time and ultimately able to biodegrade back into sand. Ramie fabric is produced from the Boehmeria Nivea plant, aka Chinese nettle or Rhea, a Malaysian equivalent plant. This fabric has been produced from these plants since ancient times as well, known by the ancient Egyptians and Asian cultures for centuries.

Egyptian mummy bandages are made from ramie fabric. In the middle ages, European cultures also caught on to this fibrous fabric. Ramie is shown to degrade slower than cotton inside the lab, indicating it takes slightly longer for it to naturally degrade into the soil. This is the plant or plant fibre that is used to make burlap, hessian or gunny cloth and rope.

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These fibres are naturally stripped from the white jute plant in a process called retting. Jute is used mostly in making sacks for its durable anti-rot properties. One hectare of jute plants can consume up to 15 tonnes of CO2! Due to very little processing, jute is biodegradable, despite its anti-rot properties. It can be used under a thin layer of soil to prevent weed growth in agriculture, taking years to biodegrade.

This prolific plant is actually one of the tallest species of grass known to man.

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Instead of being completely harvested, bamboo is cut like grass, which is far more sustainable for soil health. Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser. Fabric of a Man available in DVD. See All Customer Reviews. Add to Wishlist.

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Ship This Item — This item is available online through Marketplace sellers. Overview This recording of a performance of David E. Talbert's The Fabric of a Man stars Tammy Townsend as Dominique Majors, a fashion designer torn between a rich stockbroker played by Clifton Powell and a poor tailor, played by Darrin Dewitt Henson, who understands her art. Talbert Director. Show More. Scene Index Side 1 -- 1. Opening [] 2. You've Got What it Takes [] 3.

Never Too Busy [] 4. Finance Without Romance [] 5.

Uncle Ray's Fluff and Fold [] 6. Dominique and Joshua Meet [] 7. Is He Tall? Majors to the Rescue [] 9.

Fabric of Man Fabric of Man
Fabric of Man Fabric of Man
Fabric of Man Fabric of Man
Fabric of Man Fabric of Man
Fabric of Man Fabric of Man

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