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'The ash heap of history'

Second Revised Edition. William Morrow and Co.

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Eyre and Spottiswoode, London. In the winter of , Sir Flinders Petrie led an expedition of some thirty members into the center of the Sinai peninsula. This region was little known at the time because of its inaccessibility and the general ruggedness of the terrain. Werner Keller describes the journey from its starting point on the Suez Canal:.

The just-plain-wrong notions that (hopefully) bit the dust this year.

Slowly the caravan made its way along a wadi and round a sharp bend in the hills The caravan was transported straight back into the world of the Pharaohs. Petrie ordered a halt.

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A jumble of pillars with one very tall one seemed to be growing out of the ground. Dark caverns yawned round the cliff-face and high above the wadi towered the solid massif of Sinai An almost endless confusion of half choked galleries in the neighbouring wadis bore witness to the search for copper and turquoise. Tumbledown settlements which housed the workers lie in the immediate neighbourhood.

The temple is located in a beautiful setting northwest of the traditional but erroneous site of Mount Sinai. To the north of the temple is a large, pastel-colored plain, and strange black hills to the west and east. These expeditions reclaimed the highly prized turquoise from fissures in the purplish-gray sandstone, as well as copper from nearby mines.

Compare Translations for Tehillim 113:7

Because the work was very unpleasant, miners from Midian were employed; and slaves from Egypt were brought over under Egyptian guard. The Egyptians acted as guards and overseers; while the Midianites provided the technical know-how.

In his book, Charles Marston mentions some very intriguing facts about the temple of Serabit, and the worship that was conducted there:. A feature of the settlement itself, was a number of stone The discovery, like many of the older archaeological finds, had been somewhat neglected, until a German scholar -- Professor H. When Petrie and his expedition examined the remains of the temple at Serabit, they made a startling discovery!

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In the chamber O [of the later temple] there is a mass, 18 in. In chamber N it varies from 4 to 15 in. In breadth it was found wherever the surface was protected by building over it. All along the edge of the hill, bordering on the road of the XIIth dynasty past the STELES, the ashes were found, all across the temple breadth, and out as far as the building of stone walls of chambers extends on the south.

That none are found outside the built-over area is to be explained by the great denudation due to strong winds and occasional rain. That large quantities of glazed pottery have been entirely destroyed by these causes is certain; and a bed of light wood-ashe would be swept away much more easily.

Pushing communism onto the ash heap of history - CapX

What, then, is the meaning of this great bed of ashes? And so these children living in dumps are what I picture when I read the verses I'm meditating on today:. He raises the poor from the dust, and lifts the needy from the ash heap,. When I take these words literally, my view of God cannot but be transformed.

Fallout 76: Base Build - Welch (We Build a House in the Ash Heap)

A God whose love for the poor goes this far? Placing the kids eating, wearing, and playing with the garbage of Tijuana in Buckingham Palace? The problem is, even when my understanding of God is transformed, it too seldom changes the way I think of people. Yet I suspect God is less concerned with how amazing I think God is, than how much attention I pay to the needy in the world in which I actually live. The world has the resources to free the oppressed and lift up the downtrodden.


God has shown us miracles in which this very thing has been done. We have both the materials and the example. And yet we do nothing.

From the Ash Heap From the Ash Heap
From the Ash Heap From the Ash Heap
From the Ash Heap From the Ash Heap
From the Ash Heap From the Ash Heap
From the Ash Heap From the Ash Heap
From the Ash Heap From the Ash Heap
From the Ash Heap From the Ash Heap

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