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Having a well-behaved dog helps to keep him safe. If you allow yours to walk off-leash, or he tends to bolt from the house when the door is opened, it's imperative that he comes back when called. Keeping your dog away from a speeding car or an aggressive animal could save his life. Dogs with good manners are also good neighbors.

10 Best Training Tips | PEDIGREE®

You don't want to allow yours to show unbridled enthusiasm to a child who's afraid of dogs, or an elderly neighbor unsteady on her feet. When should you begin training?


For a puppy less than three months old, you should start right away with very light training. Start with potty training and household ground rules, like where he sleeps, where he should stay during your mealtimes, which rooms he is allowed in, if he is permitted on the couch, and so on. Once a dog is around three or four months old, he has a long enough attention span to start learn basic commands. While you can teach an old dog new tricks, "It's always easier to teach a new command than break an old habit," says Robin Ray, a dog trainer in Wellington, Florida.

Training sends a message that you're the leader of the pack. It's also a wonderful way to bond.

Before you start, acquire the tools you'll need. Your veterinarian can be a good resource to recommend a proper training collar and leash that takes your dog's size and weight into consideration. You'll also need a supply of small treats that you can stash in your pocket. Rare is the dog that isn't motivated by something good to eat.

According to Ray, the basic commands that every dog should learn in this order are: heel, sit, stay, and come. All rights reserved.

5 Essential Commands You Can Teach Your Dog

Vet Finder. You have JavaScript disabled This may result in reduced functionality and affect the graphical presentation of this site. A dog that will respond to your commands is more likely to keep out of harm's way. Take them out for a longer walk or some playtime only after they have eliminated. This step is vital, because rewarding your dog for going outdoors is the only way to teach what's expected of them.

Put your puppy on a regular feeding schedule. What goes into a puppy on a schedule comes out of a puppy on a schedule. Depending on their age, puppies usually need to be fed three or four times a day. Feeding your puppy at the same times each day will make it more likely that they'll eliminate at consistent times as well, making housetraining easier for both of you.

7 Quick Tips for TOILET TRAINING a Puppy or Dog

Pick up your puppy's water dish about two and a half hours before bedtime to reduce the likelihood that they'll need to relieve themselves during the night. Most puppies can sleep for approximately seven hours without needing a bathroom break. If your puppy does wake you up in the night, don't make a big deal of it; otherwise they will think it is time to play and won't want to go back to sleep.

10 Best Training Tips

Turn on as few lights as possible, don't talk to or play with your puppy, take them out and then return them to bed. Tether your puppy to you or a nearby piece of furniture with a six-foot leash if you are not actively training or playing. Watch for signs that your puppy needs to go out. Some signs are obvious, such as barking or scratching at the door, squatting, restlessness, sniffing around or circling. When you see these signs, immediately grab the leash and take them outside to their bathroom spot.

If they eliminate, praise them and reward with a treat.

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Keep your puppy on leash in the yard. During the housetraining process, your yard should be treated like any other room in your house. Give your puppy some freedom in the house and yard only after they become reliably housetrained. When you're unable to watch your puppy at all times, restrict them to an area small enough that they won't want to eliminate there.

Browse Dog Crates on Amazon. Expect your puppy to have a few accidents in the house—it's a normal part of housetraining.

Puppy Training

Here's what to do when that happens:. It's extremely important that you use these supervision and confinement procedures to minimize the number of accidents. If you have to be away from home more than four or five hours a day, this may not be the best time for you to get a puppy.

Instead, you may want to consider an older dog who can wait for your return. If you already have a puppy and must be away for long periods of time, you'll need to:.

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How to housetrain your dog or puppy.

How to Train Your Dog How to Train Your Dog
How to Train Your Dog How to Train Your Dog
How to Train Your Dog How to Train Your Dog
How to Train Your Dog How to Train Your Dog
How to Train Your Dog How to Train Your Dog
How to Train Your Dog How to Train Your Dog

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