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Karen Australian. Veena Indian. How to say sidequest in sign language? Select another language:. Powered by CITE. Are we missing a good definition for sidequest? Don't keep it to yourself SideQuests: City of the Dead A remote ghost town in the canyon is stirring with an ominous presence: The long-dead denizens of the town have been resurrected by powerful necromancy, forming a newly risen army.

City of the Dead was originally This adventure takes the players into a forest touched by an evil curse, and they are unable to leave until they find and defeat the source of the curse. Escape From The Neverwoods was originally written for a party of Level 4 characters, though is primarily narrative-based SideQuests: Insurrection At The Abbey The Kobolds have grown strong - surely strong enough to overthrow the local abbey that they've been eyeing!

This SideQuest begins as word has spread about the Kobold army that is planning to lay siege and take control of a humble monastery. The only thing that stands in the Kobolds' way is, of course, your group of brave adventurers. SideQuests: Mausoleum Madness Mausoleum Madness is centred around an ancient druidic temple, buried with time into the wilderness.

The legends tell of untold riches and magical artifacts within - but no explorers have ever lived to tell the tales. In this adventure, players will have to find the entranceway to the legendary ruin - but that will be the least of their worries. Once inside, players will have to use SideQuests: Pirate's Plunder A bustling port city is under attack from a vile gang of pirates!


Amidst the chaos, the players will be given a choice to either help the townsfolk and defeat the pirate rogues, or ally with the corsairs to take part in a life at sea. Prepare to set sail aboard the Crimson Wave!

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Pirate's Plunder was originally written and optimized for a party of Level 7 characters, though Faust, a progressive in combining traditional paints with unparalleled spellcraft, has seemingly locked himself in his massive estate in distress, leaving the townsfolk to ponder the fates of Augustine and Eleanor Faust. This adventure was designed for second-level players, though is primarily narrative-driven, and may be adapted SideQuests: Prisonbreakers You've been captured!

The players have been outsmarted by their adversary, and have been jailed indefinitely.

Their gear? The reason? You decide!

Players will have to use all of their cunning, stealth, and resourcefulness to break out of the Geldeth Stronghold Prisonbreakers was originally written for a party of Level 5 characters, though is primarily narrative-based This SideQuests mini-campaign begins as the players wander into a village crawling with bloodthirsty Then tapping at the window at night. Soon, friends and foe alike are revealing themselves as assassins.

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  4. Your players will have to find word around town about the sinister Assassin Clan, and then use all of their investigation skills to discover the Clan's hideout. Once there, they will have to fight their way through countless traps, and defeat the leader of the ninja clan Sidequests and regular quests give a certain amount of Experience Points upon completion, as well as other rewards such as gil or items. Some quests, like Beast Tribes, are repeatable; these are marked by a circular icon instead of an "!

    The game features various optional content. The player can start hunts in restaurants and run various errands to various quest-givers:.

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    Discovering Oric's Culinary Chronicles lets the player read the story of Oric Gambell and learn new recipes for Ignis. Scraps of Mystery sends the player on a treasure hunt across Lucis, with 14 scraps of a map to discover. Orienteering Checkpoint is a similar quest, every every checkpoint gives a clue to the next one. The Caricaturist will draw a portrait of the party when approached, and the player can find other portraits she has made around Lucis.

    Munchkin Side Quests

    There is no particular reward for doing this, however, apart from photos of the drawings. Tours are quests that activate when camping at the correct haven with the full party. The player can find drivers whose cars have broken down and help them, and help out injured hunters who call for help in various rural spots. The player can find map pieces in Leide that point to the location of the next treasure.

    Final Fantasy Extreme - Final Fantasy 6 VI - Sidequest

    Prompto Argentum takes photos and when something catches his eye his request becomes a quest. Some of the imperial bases are also optional, the last one being unlocked in Chapter Fishing is a minigame the player can play in various fishing spots. The player can race chocobos at the track near Wiz Chocobo Post. There are optional dungeons scattered across Lucis, many of them containing royal arms.

    A number of smaller "worlds" are available branching off of the Tower. Many of these worlds and areas are occupied by former adventurers and pilgrims that believe they have found Paradise, the story's central objective.

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