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Discover new ideas and approaches by trying classes with a different teacher taking classes with different teachers. Explore other dance forms , too.

Can't Pick Up Choreography Quickly? This Might Be Why—And What You Can Do About It

If you're a hip hop or jazz dancer, gain skills by taking classes in ballet or bharata natyam, and vice versa. Training in yoga and martial arts can provide excellent grounding for a career in dance. Some dancers start their interest in movement through gymnastics or other athletic pursuits. Take advantage of any dance training your high school has to offer, either within the physical education program or through noon-hour and after-school clubs.

Try something new, like music or drama, to round out your performing skills.

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You can never have too much performance experience. If there's a youth ensemble in your area, such as the Canadian Children's Dance Theatre in Toronto, find out when auditions are held. Auditions are great experience! Make your own opportunities for performance, too. Don't forget about summer programs. They are wonderful opportunities for exploring different kinds of dance, for experiencing intensive technical development and for networking.

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Many schools and companies offer them, so call around or visit the websites of companies you admire to see who offers what. You may even decide to travel to a different city or country to attend a summer intensive workshop. After High School What about after high school graduation? If you're searching for the right conservatory or university, keep the following in mind: What is the focus and objective of the program?

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What is the program curriculum? What diplomas or degrees are offered and how long does it take to earn them? What facilities , such as studios, gyms and change rooms with showers, are there? Is there access to computers and other technology? What is the background of each faculty member? Who are the guest artists?

What kinds of performance opportunities are there? What have alumni gone on to accomplish? Where is the school located? You may want to study close to home to save on travel and living expenses, or residing in another city or country may be exactly the stimulation you crave. Be clear on admission requirements and costs.

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Some Dance Some Dance
Some Dance Some Dance
Some Dance Some Dance
Some Dance Some Dance
Some Dance Some Dance
Some Dance Some Dance

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