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This is an exercise that focuses on smaller muscles in the shoulder and doesn't do much for the rest of the body. His point was that this person was focusing on an exercise that improved a few, tiny muscles in their body while ignoring the more important foundational movements. Even an Olympic athlete who had mastered the basic movements squats, bench press, etc.

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In other words, the problem is that too many people waste time on the details before mastering the fundamentals. Sure, add some spice in there now and again, but focus on the basics. Committing to the basics and mastering the fundamentals can be hard. And I get it. I've struggled to fall in love with boredom and focus on the basics many times. For example, as an entrepreneur it is very easy for me to spend my days working on the details.

Should I make a small tweak to my website design? Should I answer these 50 emails? Should I switch my payment processor so that I can save an extra 2 percent on fees?

The Basics

All of these things have a place, but that place should not be at the top of my to-do list. Instead, my time would be better spent focusing on the fundamentals. Track your progress Keep track of your progress via the "My Learning Plan" page. Complete module quizzes Learn new skills with bite-sized video tutorials, then test your knowledge with a quick quiz. Introduction to programming languages How code powers our daily lives Working in code: developers and everyday industries.

Skills you'll learn. What knowledge and skills will I gain upon completing my Digital Garage training?

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    Why has Google set up Digital Garage? Start today Start free course. Including spouses in the indoctrination process can also provide great returns in family support and understanding. CDBs are tracked and notes are recorded in the Career Information Management System CIMS to ensure progress is monitored and can be reviewed by commands that Sailors may transfer to beyond their current command. Ombudsman Program. O mbudsmen, professionally trained information and referral volunteers, serve as the vital two-way communication link between the command and family members.

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    • The Role of the Ombudsman includes:. Small commands or tenant commands may make arrangements to share Ombudsman services with another command or the installation command. September 14 is recognized as Ombudsman Appreciation Day. Commands are encouraged to make a special effort to honor their Ombudsman, not only on this day, but throughout the year.

      Stop Wasting Time on the Details and Commit to the Fundamentals

      Immediately upon appointment, the Ombudsman's information should be added to the Ombudsman Registry at www. The Volunteer Agreement, DD Form should be completed with both parties keeping a copy for three years. Recognizing Sailors and team members R ecognition of a Sailor or civilian should be a continuous process. Recognition includes specific action awards, Flag Letters of Commendations, Letters of Appreciation, highlighting accomplishments in the Plan of the Day and other public venues, or nominations for special programs. Be creative, praise in public, and make sure your Sailors know they are appreciated and valued. The Power of Positive leadership is infectious and every leader has the tools of recognition available to them to ensure outstanding performance is reinforced and always appreciated. Meritorious Mast is for the purpose of publicly and officially commending a member of the command for noteworthy performance of duty.

      Sailors can be recognized by a Commanding Officer for outstanding performance at mast. Such a proceeding is called a "meritorious mast. Navy Reserve Facebook Navy Reserve. Content and Structure Reports. Customized Reports.

      DCO Handbook. Force Weekly. Form Templates. Helpdesk FAQ. Helpdesk Library. Hot Topics. Leadership Photos. MWR Halloween. Navy Reserve Videos. PHOP Documents. PHOP Regions.

      The Basics The Basics
      The Basics The Basics
      The Basics The Basics
      The Basics The Basics
      The Basics The Basics
      The Basics The Basics
      The Basics The Basics

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