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The CHIME report found two key areas that emerged in the use of foundational technologies that promote infrastructure; and the use of transformational technologies that support patient engagement. This award continues to be a benchmark for how technology is leveraged throughout Children's Colorado to ensure we are providing the best care possible while remaining strategic with emerging technologies. The report findings fell into the two categories of foundational and transformational technologies.

CHIME took over the Most Wired program and revised the survey questions and methodology this year to highlight strengths and gaps in the industry. The diversity of the organizations that earned Most Wired status this year shows quality care can be achieved almost anywhere under the right leadership.

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By sharing the best practices in Most Wired, we hope quality care will one day be available everywhere. This site uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies find out more.

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Hearing well is taken for granted until we develop hearing loss. In a toddler or newborn child, however, these sounds have not yet developed into picture memories or meaning for language and communication.

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It's important to identify if a child has hearing problems as soon as possible, because it can affect their speech and language development, social skills and education. Treatment is also more effective if any problems are detected and managed early on, and an early diagnosis will also help ensure you and your child have access to any special support services you may need. At Chime, we recognise that having medical tests can be a daunting and potentially scary prospect for children and their parents.

Using simple language and fun illustrations, the leaflet explains exactly what is involved in a hearing test with one of our experts at the Chime Audiology Centre, in the hope of demystifying the experience and taking away any feelings of unease. Your child will not automatically receive a further appointment for a hearing test.

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If you have any concerns, you should ask your GP or health visitor if they can refer you to Chime — your trusted NHS hearing services provider. Hearing aids can be fitted at any age, even to babies in the first months of life if appropriate.

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But first we must assess what level of hearing loss your child has. Your child will be taught to link the sound to a visual reward, such as a toy or computer screen lighting up, and once your child is able to associate the sound and the visual reward, the volume and pitch of the sound will be varied to determine the quietest sounds your child is able to hear. As with VRA, the volume and pitch of the sound will be varied to determine the quietest sounds your child is able to hear. By changing the level of the sound, the audiologist can work out the quietest sounds your child can hear.

The Chime Children The Chime Children
The Chime Children The Chime Children
The Chime Children The Chime Children
The Chime Children The Chime Children
The Chime Children The Chime Children
The Chime Children The Chime Children

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