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Ten Theses on Creation and Evolution That (Most) Evangelicals Can Support

Belief in primeval supernatural creation, on the other hand, was the motivating conviction of practically all the founding fathers of modern science, of the American nation, and of the original education system of this country. All the basic doctrines of Christianity are founded on the truth of primeval special creation.

Creationism certainly scores much higher than evolutionism on the fruit test. Finally, there is not a hint anywhere in Scripture of evolution or the long ages necessary for evolution. This teaching is emphasized all through the Bible. See my book Biblical Creationism for discussion of every biblical verse dealing with origins and earth history. There is an abundance of documentation for these conclusions in the three-volume Modern Creation Trilogy "Science and Creation," "Scripture and Creation," "Society and Creation" , 2 and also in many other books published or distributed by ICR and numerous other publishers.

The evidence for the truth of creation and the falsity of evolution truly is overwhelming. In large part because of ICR, there has been a significant revival of belief in creation during the past forty years. But there is still tremendous opposition from the academic, scientific, and political establishments directed especially at any commitment to six-day creation and the worldwide Flood.

Because of this opposition to biblical literalism, many creationists have felt it expedient to focus their arguments only against evolutionary naturalism. Various compromises have been proposed; the one receiving the most attention currently is a revival of what its proponents are calling the "Intelligent Design" movement. However, the evolutionary establishment opposes all such compromise views as dogmatically as it does literal biblical creationism.

Furthermore, the evidence for "Intelligent Design" in nature is just as compatible with Islam, Judaism, and many New Age religions as it is with the Bible. The written Word of God clearly reveals that the true history of the world begins with six literal days of creation followed later by the cataclysmic global Flood of Noah's day.

For detailed scientific and biblical evidence proving recent creation and the worldwide Flood, one should also read The Young Earth. Furthermore, any interpretation allowing billions of years of earth history also means allowing billions of years of suffering and death in the world before there was any sin. This compromise even undermines the gospel itself, making the atoning death of Christ for sin redundant and meaninglessly cruel. It also leaves the advocates of mere "Intelligent Design" without either a scientific or biblical explanation for the fossil sequences and sedimentary layers as arranged in the geologic column.

Thus Bible-believing Christians should take the Genesis record literally if we really want to honor God and His Word and to win people to genuine saving faith in our great Creator and Redeemer, the Lord Jesus Christ. There is no other worldview which is true to all the facts of Scripture, science, and history, and there is surely no biblical reason to compromise on such a vital truth. Initially, ICR was a division of Christian Heritage College CHC , which had been founded in as a unique Christian liberal arts college and eventually a university firmly committed in all programs to a specifically creationist meaning literal six-day creation and global Flood worldview.

As CHC co-founder, I had argued for this approach as the result of my 28 years of teaching experience in five large secular universities, plus speaking on many other campuses as a result of the impact of the book The Genesis Flood. All secular colleges had been structured completely around evolutionary humanism, and all evangelical colleges seemed to have accepted the evolutionary geological ages.

Creationists Point to Huge Holes in Evolution “Theory”

However, the accrediting association would not allow us to offer graduate degrees in science, so we had to do this through making ICR a separate institution. Over a dozen other Christian liberal arts colleges have also started teaching literal biblical creationism in science, but ICR is still alone in offering graduate programs in science.

Because ICR has become internationally known largely because of its books, seminars, etc. We cannot measure our success by book sales. I have written some 60 books myself, so I surely appreciate the importance of publishing substantive books on creation. But that is only an extension aspect of our basic mission. Although I have participated in many seminars--even before CHC or ICR were formed--and these have been of significant influence in stimulating global awareness of the issue, this also is merely an extension of ICR's fundamental purpose.

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Many churches today surely need to return to sound doctrine and practice with respect to biblical creation. I strongly believe in the local church--have served as teacher and deacon in three of them and pulpit speaker in hundreds. My wife and I even started a church now thriving with a fine new sanctuary that began with two families and several college students meeting in our basement.

But "straightening-out" churches is not our basic purpose at ICR. We have great concern for children and young people, but again reaching them is not our main goal. My wife sponsored and taught Child Evangelism classes for many years, and we have seen many children come to Christ. As far as college youth are concerned, I have served as faculty advisor to Christian student organizations in five secular universities in one, over 50 were saved in one year!

Evangelism is vitally important, but is essentially an indirect result of the ICR mission. We are thankful when people are saved through one of our ICR books or seminars, but this is not our main purpose as an organization. Although a few churches have placed ICR on their missionary budget, and the outreach of our ICR books, seminars, radio, etc. Although we would love to see creationism taught in all schools, we have never sponsored legislation to accomplish this.

From the biblical perspective, all education should be under the home, not the government, but we do not try to attain such an ideal with political pressure. There is nothing wrong with the above activities; all of them are very important, but ICR's main purpose note Isaiah is not evangelism or missions, not books or politics, not church growth or youth ministries. Beginning in the late 20th century, many creationists advocated a view known as intelligent design.

This view, which claimed to draw from modern science , was a contemporary interpretation of the argument from design for the existence of God as set forth by the Anglican clergyman William Paley — Today most creationists in the United States favour the elimination of evolution from the public school curriculum or at least the teaching of creationism alongside evolution as an equally legitimate scientific theory. Article Media. Info Print Cite. Submit Feedback.

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The Mystery of Creation

See Article History. Alternative Titles: creation science, scientific creationism. Facts Matter. Start Your Free Trial Today. The Bible is based on the assumption that God exists. God, by definition, is a supernatural being that the repeatable laws of science cannot test. I just wanted to give all of you a little food for thought for the day!

Creation Versus Evolution

For the record, I used to be an evolutionist but am now a creationist. I think that his point is that there is NO evidence whatsoever for any god, therefore it is ridiculous to believe in the concept. Could I convince you of the NON-existence of the inter-dimensional purple elephant with 10 trunks who travels over the roof of each person who drives a car and only protects those he deems worthy? I shouldn't have to convince you of the fallacy of that statement because there is no evidence at all for it.

Creationism and evolution tackled head-on in science lessons - Guardian Investigations

I can think of countless things that are not based on our observable reality which you should not believe in and your concept of god is one of them. Sorry, but it is time for humanity to drop this little bedtime story and move forward. Stop ripping on Agnostics, you're pretty arrogant if you believe we're all absolutely that ridiculous. By the very definition of the word Agnostic you're saying it's a person that believes you can not prove or disprove the existence of God.

Creation Moments – Bible Creation Lessons | Creation Vs. Evolution Debate | Creation Science

So yeah, if I got whisked off to another dimension I sure as hell would believe in a God. I doubt it ever will. Scientists use the Scientific method, which allows them to develop theories based on repeatable data. Creationists are just arrogant people that refuse to think critically. Creationists want to tell you that because the human body is so complex there is no other explanation, and instead of using their brain to search for one, they make up any reason and call it a divine power. Science has proven the church wrong on many occasions, that's probably why the Vatican doesn't deny the possible existence of extra-terrestrial life.

Natural selection is not "accidental" it is not "random". Because it is in fact a VERY imaginable not to mention verifiable entity which allows order to be imposed on a random scenario without the need for intelligent design. Your argument based on personel incredulity is incredibly weak,not least because you paint yourself into that old proverbial corner with that maloderous chestnut about the complex watch This as opposed the the religious dogmatic approach which claims to be absolute in its ascertions and will react very negatively to any who challenge its TRULY unsubstantiated claims Even "mainline" Christian churches who support evolution or at least see it as compatible with their doctrine have many adherents who are creationists of some form.

You can find young earth biblical literalists in Anglican and Lutheran communities. Just because you reach the leadership does not mean you have won the adherents. Creationism, the irrational religious belief of the Christians, is almost harmless. The irrational religious beliefs of the socialist atheist; of anthropogenic global warming and a magical interpretation of evolution, has lead to a world wide financial crisis and the largest tax increase in US history. People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

They should also learn a little of a science called "cultural anthropology" so that they understand the importance of religion. As Archie Bunker said, 'Faith is when you believe in something no one in their right mind would' Only people with weak minds believe in god. They don't have the guts to think for themselves and so want to belong they will do, believe anything to belong.

For instance Christians say they follow Jesus but Christianity was founded by Paul who never knew Jesus and was brought back before James, Jesus' brother and others of the early church for lying 3 times and the third he was almost killed for it until the Romans saved him. So what is Christianity today but a bunch of churches and moneychangers, just what he hated so much he was willing to die to get rid of. We should tolerate these people as much as we should tolerate arsonists. They're more dangerous, why should we be encouraged to tolerate that?

Jul 01, To stir up the hornet's nest just mention religion or evolution. I'm of a live and let live, multiple truths mentality. If you believe in a creator or divine spirit, then great. If you don't, that's great too. There's obvious pros and cons to both beliefs, and for the whole gradient between. From a scientific standpoint we can neither prove nor disprove a god.

The Truth About Creation The Truth About Creation
The Truth About Creation The Truth About Creation
The Truth About Creation The Truth About Creation
The Truth About Creation The Truth About Creation
The Truth About Creation The Truth About Creation
The Truth About Creation The Truth About Creation

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