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One of the four major shifts recommended by the eminent High-level Independent Panel, which reviewed the U. More than 1. But crises and conflicts — by their scale and nature — tend to produce responses from external governments and multilateral organizations, which seek to protect, rescue and, well, sometimes take over. This was a first for peace negotiations anywhere.

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Participation and inclusion are also needed beyond the signing of any peace agreement. Participation and inclusion can also start from the point of understanding a conflict, from conflict analysis. Admittedly, an inclusive approach is not without challenges and dilemmas. Giving people the space and support to collectively reflect on and explore solutions at a local level can help them discover their own agency.

The Sharon-Bush letters, and why peace is not possible with Palestinians - Opinion - Jerusalem Post

We have seen this many times over. Encouragingly, inclusion and participation are increasingly features in key international strategies and operational guidance. Such statements are a reminder that these conflicts are not ours to resolve, the peace not ours to design, and that effective external support is that which responds to local needs, and works with local ideas and initiatives for peace.

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Sign in. In Mombasa, I saw a group of mothers sitting together with youth leaders, local police and imams in an informal settlement, talking about how families could work together in communities to dissuade young men from being recruited and joining Al Shabaab. The police were there to talk about punitive measures.

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The imams talked about preaching against hatred. The mums talked about food, love, jobs and respect. All women peacebuilders inspire me. All their stories are extraordinary. If I had to highlight one, it would be Leijla Damon.

2. Military answers to political problems alone don’t work.

She was born in Bosnia to a woman who had been raped in the conflict and her mother rejected her. You need to be if you work in any way in peacebuilding. But I think working in peacebuilding has taught me enormous amounts about overcoming your own ideas and preconceptions about people. Bottom line: if you want peace you have to find ways to talk with, and listen to, everyone concerned in achieving a lasting peace.

Including people you may disagree with profoundly.


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For example, The armed conflict in Colombia has damaged production, institutions, food security, and social trust. Through the sustainable agricultural production of indigenous crops and their international commercialization, the SDG-F will create employment, better nutrition, and, most importantly, peace in Cauca - one of the zones most affected by the long lasting conflict.

In Sierra Leone , the SDG Fund is working for improved accountability and transparency in natural resource governance. This will contribute to promoting peace in the mining communities of the project and help to generate income that will be reinvested in the development of the communities.

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Sierra Leone Enabling sustainable livelihoods through improved natural resource governance and economic diversification in the Kono District Read more. SDG Online Library.

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